COOL KIDS DANCE ACADEMY 相信:透過舞蹈,可為兒童締造一個「自我認知」的平台。從心理學的角度,認知能力是指我們從腦學習與應用信息的能力,包括對事件的吸收、創設、自我成長的動力和向性,以至社會的常規拿捏。以上都可透過多元化的舞蹈訓練另個人的優勢得以提早了解和發揮,因材施教。

根據“全人發展的理論,人類生活的基本元素”,我們著重「德智體群美」五育的實踐,COOL KIDS深信:透過我們精心編制的舞蹈及從心出發的執教理念,必可為未來社會作出一分貢獻。提早認知小孩的學習、行為、創新、溝通、自律及情緒控制(情緒商數)的能力,可完善教育整體的廣度和深度。


 COOL KIDS DANCE ACADEMY believes in dance penetration, which able to establish a platform for kid to build "self cognition". According to the angle of psychology, "ability of cognition" refers to the learning ability from brain processing to message application, including the message absorption, creativity, initative of self-development & aptitude, also the skills of handling societal norms. Through the diversification of dances, the personal advantage is being observed in advance and exalted.

Our practicing goals are "Moral, intellectual, physical, social and aesthetic". which under the theory of whole-person development, and the essentials elements of human life. COOL KIDS is conviced and well formulated a full range of dances, together with our sincerity of coaching philosophy; we are commited to contribute our expertise back to society. An early recognition of children abilities like learning, behavior, innovation, communication, self-disciline and emotional intelligence(EI), which able to complete the education as a whole thru enchancing its wideness and deepness.

"Self-cognition" is one of the major factors of success. Students are able to discover and develop their unique and personalized characters under our formulated practices of dancing. It helps to cultivate and match the students' potentials, gearing-up by having fun with our professional dance tutors who are full of benevolent as promised.